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I would like to offer you some insight as to who is Nancy Vieira the Real Estate Agent.

I am here today because of an amazing husband; my stay at home Dad and our daughter that forever reminds me of all the pleasures and joys life has to offer. My family is the pedestal that supports me in being the well balanced agent I am in the real estate industry today. My blessings are many.

As a Top Agent in the industry I am proudest of building my business on referrals from those that count....my wonderful happy clients!

Some people call me their Angel Realtor because I do the impossible for them. I always believe that the highest good will happen for them. I connect on a Spirit level with my clients and together we do what is right for their well being at that time in their lives, whatever that may be.

In the awards section below, I am providing you with some of the notable achievements and credentials. In addition, I have included some references from past clients. Nothing speaks more loudly than a raving fan!


With Radiant Blessings,





 Call me today. I would love to add you to my list of happy clients!



To Whom It May Concern

(Letter received by Victoria Real Estate Board)


This letter is to advise the appropriate people of the glorious and magnificent role that Nancy Vieira of Pemberton Holmes played in selling our condo in Sooke this spring.  It could not have gone more smoothly without her.

We tried to sell our home in Sooke last summer with no luck.  After three months without a bite, we took it off the market, rented it out, and all of us moved to Chilliwack.  Our family had been split for that duration.  My wife worked on the mainland during the week, and I didn’t see her or my son until the weekend.  We couldn’t take being apart from each other.

In January, we had troubles with our tenant, and we wanted to try and sell the unit again.  Someone had recommended Nancy to us, and we are glad that we listened.  Right from the beginning, we felt like we mattered and was someone important.  We had a just a little condo, but we felt like we were always number one.  If she couldn’t pick up the phone when we called, she would most certainly call us back quickly.  She always answered any questions we had, she helped us with our tenant troubles, she gave us sound advice, and she stepped in and stood up for us when we couldn’t be there in person.  We didn’t stress out over anything because we felt safe in Nancy’s hands.

Nancy is a credit to her profession, and we would highly recommend her to anyone. 


Rick Toochin and Corina Isaac


Happy Blue Moon.  For your web testimonials.  From the heart.

The purchase of our first home was ripe with demands, as were we. The extra pressure of negotiating a first time purchase with multiple family members, in different parts of Canada, with zero down, and 100% financing was not intimidating for Nancy! Bring it on! We looked at one house, and within 10 days the subjects were off and the contract in place for possession. Nancy is truly amazing, and we are so thrilled that she chose to represent us in the negotiating process, which we're positive would not have gone as well had she, specifically, not had been there. Thank you for giving us so much Nancy.

Warmest Regards,

The ONeill-Aitkens

(Hugh, Colleen, Jeremy, and Knoa)


Comments: Wow!  Your website is awesome.  I want to add a testimonial:
"I had so much fun on our property-viewing road trip around the island eating donuts and drinking coffee while sitting on the heated seats in your Hyundai 4 x4. Nancy makes everything so fun and easy."       


Comments: Nancy,

I am so excited to see that you are selling real estate again.   A number of years ago you helped us buy a mobile home on Goldstream.  We were so impressed with all the hard work you did for us then and it made all the difference for us in our first Real Estate Purchasing experience.

We have since sold that home and now live on Cressida Cres. 

Thank you for all you did for us then and I know you are a valuable asset to those you are assisting in buying and selling now!!


Good work

Rob and Beth Smith


A Recent ongoing client.....LOL

Nancy, Thank you for all your hard work. I know you will get us our “dream"....whether it be now or later. I promise not to stalk you for the rest of your life~only until all terms are fulfilled! Ha ha! Have a great Christmas with your family. (Lisa, Paul & P.J.) 



Your business card reads Real Estate Agent but the magic you weave is so much more.  It is so rare that reality exceeds expectations and you made that happen for us.  Finding Sooke and purchasing our new home over the internet with never having stepped foot on the island was only possible because of you.  Your warmth, generosity and honesty allowed us the freedom to take a leap of faith, make a dramatic change in our lives which improved our quality of life tenfold.  Thank you for your outstanding contribution to our family? Sooke!!!!

Cam Cavaco, Marnie O’Neil, Newton, PeeWee and the Monkey.

Exceptional Human Being.......

Dear Nancy,

A BIG thank you for your devotion to the greater good!........

Throughout the geological past many species have demonstrated determination & persistence. These characteristics have surfaced too infrequently....................but here & there are manifest in an exceptional human being...............................and this is you.

Love Helen & Bruce


Call to the Manager!

Nancy deserves to be recognized for her hard work and diligence in the sale of a somewhat difficult complex. At no time did Nancy give up, lose her focus and never was negative when dealing with me.  She was always optimistic, professional yet friendly. I certainly will recommend to anyone who is buying/selling, the firm Pemberton Holmes and especially Nancy. Please convey to the Manager my utmost thank you.

Sharon Pesclevich

Happy Investors

Nancy spent a lot of time with us finding the perfect investment property, once she found it; she kept working and arranged a fantastic deal. Nancy took care of every detail that came up and even lined us up with our first tenant. A few weeks after our deal completed Nancy called to ask us how things were going, and we informed her that the hot water tank had just broken and needed to be replaced. Upon hearing this Nancy immediately arranged for a reputable plumber and replaced our hot water tank at her expense. We would recommend Nancy to other out of town investors, and in fact anyone looking for real estate in the Victoria area.


Thank-you Nancy,

Tony & Katie Nikl.



I checked you out with my financial advisor.....

.."She is like the bulldog of real estate, be glad she is on your side!"

Steven Williams



Baby Talk

Thank you for all of your help during this time. Being pregnant and buying a house was hard but you made it much easier.

Cathy, Marc, and Sweet Baby James


  • Award of Highest Ethics & Standards of Conduct

    This award was given one time. It was an award given by my fellow peers.

  • MLS Awards

    Recognized award winning top performing MLS realtor in Victoria since 1991.

  • Pemberton Holmes Top Selling Agent

    The top 10% of all the Realtors in Pemberton Holmes for the past several years.



  •   many qualities to a good real estate agent
    There are many qualities to a good real estate agent, but the hard work, in a practical sense is what makes Nancy Vieira stand out. Unlike most realtors, she is there to do the nitty-gritty work that most realtors /sales people will ignore. During our sale, the lines of communication were instantaneous, I would e-mail or phone Nancy, many times out of anxiety, and she would respond in a calming, informative note and address every concern, point by point. Nancy seemed to appreciate the life-changing circumstance we were in. We had an offer only 2 weeks into the listing that was $30,000.00 more than our ?no obligation appraisal? from another realtor and company, but the offer was right in the high range of what Nancy appraised our house at. I was happy that Nancy took into consideration our home?s intrinsic value, and did not just go by neighbourhood, layout and ?book market? worth. We had a unique home and Nancy saw that. We accepted the offer, without any interference from Nancy, and to remove the conditions, Nancy was great. One of the conditions was to have our septic tank pumped and inspected. I knew of a tank with a green plastic hood on it. But when the company came to service the septic field, they told Nancy we had a ?treatment plant.? To save $70 an hour to dig the access ports, Nancy showed up with a map of were the tanks where, (I have no idea where she got that map) and stayed with me in the rain until everything was sorted out. All was not smooth in our transaction, there was an extension from the buyer, Nancy explained everything, all the paperwork was available, and she was with us until late into the night, waiting for a fax. The day the buyer moved in, it was Nancy Vieira who was at the property, helping out, waiting for the transaction to clear, (the buyers? lawyers were not organized) and the buyers? own realtor was not there, probably tending to her other clients needs. I look back and ask myself, who would I want to represent me? Nancy Vieira was there when we needed her.
    Cam Kroeger

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